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wpid-20140721_201827.jpgMen’s fashion has always been a tricky subject to tackle for me. While men’s fashion tends to be more simple than women’s, I find that to also be a major crux in styling. Something that I always seem to envy in my female friends is the vast amount of possibilities a woman’s wardrobe can hold. The infinite amount of permutations seems to daunt a lot of women, but to me, I revel in it.I love being able to go through my friends’ closets and pull together new outfits for them that they never would have considered.

Call it gender envy, or what have you, but for a guy that loves styling, you can only do so much with shirts, and pants. Of course, I’m always looking for new ways to style my own closet, whether it is finding inspiration in GQ, on the streets, or even in women’s fashion (guys need to take a hint from girls and try to incorporate more patterns in their looks). I’m always looking for new ways to combine what I already have and find essential pieces to complement and expand on my outfits.

The thing I learned about styling a man’s wardrobe is that cut and the patterns go a long way. An ill fitting shirt can easily ruin an outfit, and a well tailored dress pant can elevate a simple outfit to the sublime. The devil really is in the details. The small conscious choices a man makes in putting together his outfit, whether he chooses to roll up his sleeves or not, the way he rolls them, the addition of a watch vs bracelets, and his choice in belts make a huge difference.

Shirt: Forever 21 Men

Dress Pants: Express

Belt: Express

Shoes: Alfani