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Recently, I’ve developed a major obsession with Zara. I’ve decided to branch out from my usual H&M, Forever 21 Men, and Cotton On hauls and decided to check out a more pricier brand. Although Zara is considered a fast fashion brand (my friend called it the rich man’s H&M) I couldn’t help but become drawn to its luxurious feel. Being a college student on a budget, and an intern on an even smaller budget, Zara always seemed a bit too expensive for my wallet, but I decided to buckle down and save up some money to spend on their clothes, which I am glad to say I don’t regret.

After perusing the store on Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena, I decided to check out their online store and I found these two amazing shirts on sale! Hopefully they’ll still be on sale in a week or two when I get my next paycheck. The recent trend of bold printed shirts has definitely been wanting to take hold of my closet. I especially love the tree branch design on the poplin shirt. Sometimes I think that guys have an aversion to bold prints because they don’t want to look too flashy or stand out too much. But I feel that these shirts have that bold, statement look, but without the whole “HEY LOOK AT ME I’M TRYING TO BE FASHIONABLE” vibe.

*All images in this post is credited to Zara.comΒ I do not own any of these images!