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If you guys have been following my instagram (recently changed to @cytherial_ from @sgvbound) then you know that I’ve been digging this new shirt that I got from Zara after my first paycheck. Some of my friends have been sick of seeing this shirt all over my social media already…I can’t help it! Our of all the teeshirts I own, none have fit this well or have this interesting of a cut.

Typical tee sleeves are cut halfway up the bicep and muscle tees are even shorter but this is the first tee I’ve owned that has sleeves that drape almost to my elbows without being oversized. TheΒ contrasting black and white blocks in the design are also super flattering for my body.

I also picked up these chinos from the Zara store. They’re supposed to be one of the more “looser” fits that Zara carries but they fit me much more the the slim pants. You get the comfort of straight fit pants, but with the right amount of tailoring seen in slim fit pants. I highly reccommend this pair for guys who want the slim look but have more muscular thighs and butt.

Finally, I finished off the outfit with a gold chain necklace I found at the jewelry section of Forever 21. I actually found these in the women’s jewelery/accessories section. The thing I learned about shopping for accessories is to not be afraid to look in the women’s aisle. Certain understated women’s accessories can actually be pulled off well by guys with the right outfit. Most of the time, I can’t seem to find the right necklace in the men’s section so I’ll just pop over to the girl’s area to find a chain in a style I need.

Shirt: Zara

Chinos: Zara

Necklace: Forever 21

Shoes: Vans

Location: Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Photo Credit: Linnie Diep