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Nathan Dalby of Plastic Loafer

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Chainless Collar Tips: ASOS

Collar cuffs have been extremely under the radar but are such an amazingly versatile piece of men’s jewelery. While I don’t see many men sporting these in outfits, the ones I have seen have rocked it impeccably. They add a delicate touch to an outfit and can either be paired with or without a tie. I really hope this trend takes off in the next couple of years.

So far, Plastic Loafer reccommends Topman and ASOS as your go to destination for a good selection of collar cuffs. I just checked out the Topman store and they’re extremely inexpensive (at $13-15). The ASOS store also carries them but are a little more pricy (at $15-25). I might just be going on a little shopping spree with my next paycheck.

Overall, the Topman collection is more delicate with thinner chains and more intricate tips while ASOS is a bit more bold. The ASOS collection also has chainless collar cuffs.

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