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Is it strange how as you get older, more things bring back emotions of nostalgia? As I’m heading into my 5th and final year as an undergraduate at UC Riverside, I’ve been reminiscing about my freshman year a lot. Its so strange how quickly the past couple of years flew by. I distinctly remember how excited and nervous I was around this time 4 years ago. I was anticipating the ideal college experience: dorming, partying, school life and independence. I had all my boxes packed for move in day and and I was so excited to leave home, even though home was only 45 minutes away. 

I listened to a lot of good music in my dorm room (shoutout to Pentland K room 215) and recently I made a nostalgic playlist of songs that instantly threw me back to a specific moment in my life. Here’s the playlist for freshman year of college, 2010.