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Our CEO is back from his trip to China and the office was like the Miranda arrival scene in Devil Wears Prada. To dress it up for the occasion, I decided to wear my red button up that I thrifted from Crossroads Trading CO. I love the muted red tones of the shirt that were broken up by the polka dot design. I toned down the look with my cuffed up chinos and Vans combination. These shoes have been a godsend to me since they’re much more comfortable than my Alfani shoes and allows me to run all over Pasadena on errands without ending up with blisters at the end of the day. I still need to search for a comfortable but more dressed up pair of sneakers or casual shoes that are more appropriate for the office. I need to grow out of my Vans phase. 

Shirt: Crossroads Trading CO

Necklace: H&M

Bracelet: H&M

Chinos: Zara

Shoes: Vans

P/C: Michelle Chan