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Top: H&M (similar) (alternative)
Chinos: Zara
Shoes: Vans (similar)
Necklace: Crossroads Trading CO
P/C Azusa Takano

I got the amazing opportunity to see Azusa at work shooting my friends Linh (Linhwinn) and Stephanie (Divenire) at the Pasadena City Hall last week and she did a mini shoot with me for fun. These pictures came out so clear and beautiful, I’m kind of jealous of her skills. Please check out her work! I linked her portfolio in her P/C.

I snagged this edgy tee from H&M last week and I’ve been wearing it out with friends a lot. It has a very wide neckline which is the perfect place to show off a statement necklace. I paired this with my double teardrop necklace and the contrast is pretty awesome. I especially love the design on the shirt, the bandana print has been trending for fall and I’ve really enjoyed seeing it as an accent (and now as a full on shirt). I’m not one for bold designs, but I’ll go for a busy shirt if it’s monochrome. Who knows, maybe next spring I’ll try adding bold, colorful prints to my wardrobe.