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Group 2SONY DSCGroup 1With fall quarter slowly creeping up on me, I thought it’d be nice to jump into a look I plan on rocking a lot this coming fall and winter season. I thrifted this amazing jacket from crossroadsΒ last week, and because it of the heatwave, I didn’t really want to shoot it. I’ve been looking for a good grey jacket to wear for the winter and I’m so glad I stumbled on this great find. It’s lightweight and just warm enough for the California weather.

As some of you guys know, I just moved from my old house in Riverside to a new one on the other side of campus. As I was unpacking my stuff, I found that my roommate’s Armani chinos got mixed into my sack of clothes. After calling him, he told me that I probably could put it to better use than he could so he ended up giving it to me. Sure enough, it fits like a glove. I’m in love with these bad boys.

In terms of accessories, I simply attached my earrings/collar tips to my collar, wrapped my chain necklace for a wrapped bracelet, and finished it off with some new hexagon rings I got from Forever 21. I’m always finding new ways to repurpose my jewelry whether its turning earrings into collar cuffs, necklaces to bracelets and rings into necklaces. I think that even for guys, jewlery can easily amp up an outfit in a pinch.

Shirt: Apt. 9

Jacket: Crossroads Trading CO

Chinos: Armani

Belt: Express

Collar Tips: Crossroads Trading CO

Bracelet: H&M

Rings: Forever 21

Shoes: H&M