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4 3 Group 22 1After a few days of frantically moving my belongings back to UC Riverside, running a ton of errands, and decorating my room (and redecorating it again), I can say that I am comfortably back into the groove of living in Riverside. I cannot believe that I’m beginning my 5th and final year here as an undergraduate. It’s bittersweet to know that today is the very last “first day of school” I will ever have. They say that time flies when you’re having fun; and while I definitely had a lot of fun in college, I wish it didn’t have to fly. It seems like move-in day freshman year was yesterday. The excitement of starting a new chapter of my life, the joy of tasting freedom for the first time, and the new found sense of confidence of a college student seems so close yet distant to me. I’ve become such a different person entering my final year vs. the person I was 4 years ago and I owe it to my experiences here at UCR. It’s odd for me to sit down here and reflect on 4 years with such abounding nostaligia. I didn’t feel this way when I began senior year of high school. Perhaps the difference here is that I don’t want to leave, I have such deep ties with this campus, it’s going to be harder for me to let go. It feel like I’m savoring the last few bites of an incredible meal. And I’m going to do so with as much gusto as I can possibly muster.

With that sense of nostalgia in hand, I assembled this outfit. I’ve had this leather jacket since junior year and it’s been a closet staple ever since. I’ve worn this jacket pretty much throughout my latter years in college and it was my first major fashion buy that got me interested in style. A playful leaf pattern on the shirt over a blue fabric pays homage to the nature like quality of fall that I’ve deeply loved ever since I was a child. My dark navy chinos and black shoes draws attention to the bolder shirt and simple silver rings pull the look together. This is a comfortable but polished look that will help carry you through the long days on campus.

So here’s to my final year at UCR; I hope I will end cherishing this year just as much as I do my freshman year and that I’ll take care to enjoy every moment I have left here before I move on to bigger things out there in the wide open world.

Jacket: Express

Shirt: Forever 21 Men

Chinos: Zara

Shoes: Boss Orange

Midi Ring: Foreign Exchane

Ring: 3rd Generation Antiques

Bag: H&M

P/C: Lincoln Nguyen