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School has officially started for me, which means that comfort is king when it comes to choosing my wardrobe this fall. But I’m confronted with the challenge of finding the sweet spot of an outfit that is not only comfortable to spend a whole day walking around in, but also light enough to withstand the still 90 degree weather Riverside is enduring, and also remain stylish. Now usually a tee shirt and jeans are my go to outfit, but for the sake of elevating the style, I decided to go for a drop hem v neck tee that I recently picked up at boohoo.com. My friends are probably getting sick of me spewing the praises of this website, but when you find extremely well designed clothes at such an affordable price, it’s hard to keep it to yourself.

The unique thing about this tee is the versatility in which I get to wear it. Leaving it untucked gives me an extremely long silhouette while tucking it into one part of my chinos creates an awesome drape effect. I’ve seen a lot of girls do it with their own drop hem shirts and when I saw the trend of these shirts come into the guy’s department, I jumped on it (thanks ladies). The beige chinos helps the colors pop out a little bit more and a simple necklace and matching sneakers pulls the whole look together.

Shirt: Boohoo

Chinos: H&M

Sneakers: H&M (Similar)

Necklace and Bracelet: H&M

Rings: Forever 21 and 3rd Generation Antiques

Backpack: H&M

P/C: Lincoln Nguyen