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Group 1IMG_9145IMG_9068 Group 2IMG_9080 IMG_9082I’ll admit, I’m on Tumblr way too often for my own good. The constant stream of images and information is like a drug to me and fuels my inspirations for looks and posts. A lot of the blogs I follow have been reblogging a lot of Japanese streetwear and I was instantly drawn to the long, dark silhouettes of some of the looks. While Japan is known for its wild subcultures and extravagant outfits (all of which kind of seems to flock to Harajuku), I was really drawn to the more somber streetwear trends and pulled together this look from my closet.

As much as I love black and white, it does tend to get monotonous and for a while, I was kind of in a rut (is there such a thing as fashion writer’s block?). After seeing how some of these Japanese broke up the monotony of a black and white outfit, I guess I was able to get out of my little block. The trick is to mix and match patterns! Because the palette is uniform, mixing patterns lends itself very well to black and white looks because you don’t need to worry about which colors go with what, so go have a blast playing with your pieces! Another way I could style this look is with mesh shorts and tights. I’ve been wanting to get on the shorts and tights trend for a long time but I can’t seem to find the right pair of shorts that wont give me a pear shaped silhouette (darn you thick calves).

This look is now my go to outfit when I want to look a little more put together but also need to feel comfortable (I need to find a black pair of sneakers asap). My days are usually spent running from class to class and then running to club meetings or shooting stuff for the school newspaper so I definitely need something comfy and not fussy. I’m finally back on the school grind and it feels so good!

Graphic Shirt: Zara

Checked Shirt: Forever 21

Jeans: Armani

Shoes, Backpack, Bracelets: H&M

Ring: Thrifted

PC: Lincoln Nguyen