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Over the course of winter break, my best friend and I were discussing new ways to amp up the Cytherial blog and one of the things we came up with were thrifting challenges for me to do. How can I create looks that I got only from thrift stores across LA? How can I create second-hand outfits that look like I spent a ton of money on? While the challenge seemed to be like a daunting task, I quickly realized that my favorite thrift store, Crossroads Trading CO. has some of the best products for me to work with. While they are on the higher end spectrum of the thrift store scene, their clothes are way cheaper than what I can get at the mall. The best part? They have a thorough screening process and only take in the highest quality goods that people bring in to sell. I’ve gotten shirts from Obey, wallets from coach, and Sperry shoes through them.

This whole look (except for my earring) consists of thrifted or second hand items that I bought for really cheap. I took about 2 trips over the course of my winter break to put everything together and I have to say, I came up with a really great outfit. I really wanted to use this post to let you guys know that thrifting doesn’t have to mean wearing really outdated or ugly clothes, with a bit of creativity, time and a good eye, you can create awesome outfits all from thrift store buys. For people thrifting for the first time, I would recommend checking out Crossroads for those who are new to thrifting and aren’t ready to try to swim through racks and racks of clothes in order to get a good find at places like Goodwill. Although my friend did do a pretty sick haul from Goodwill, he got huge shopping bags full of really great clothes and only spent about 50 bucks, he spent quite a bit of time and has a really good eye for these kinds of things.

Being in college has really sapped up my bank account and fashion blogging can drain whatever is left of my bank account in a heartbeat, so finding creative ways to save moneyΒ while still looking fresh is always a top priority for me. Whether its through keeping a watchful eye at sales, shopping at lower end stores, or thrifting, every penny saved helps. The thing that I’ve learned in the past few months when it comes to blogging on a budget is that style isn’t about having the most expensive brands on your back when you shoot, its how you style an outfit that matters. While I do sometimes prefer to splurge on a designer jacket or shoes, those are rare instances and I will almost always shop at cheaper stores before I go anywhere near a designer store. In the future I’m also planning on doing a separate post soon about designer brands and why I choose to go higher end on certain items, so keep an eye out for that! Also, I will be posting new content on Cytherial Photography this Wednesday, so don’t forget to head on over for a little peek.

I hope everyone is having an awesome Martin Luther King Jr. Day! See you all next week!

Hat, Shirt, Jeans, and Shoes: Crossroads Trading Co.

Ring: 3rd Generation Antiques

Timex Watch: Bought second hand from a friend

Photography: Nichole Tan (Instagram) (Flickr)