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If you guys have been following my blog for a while now, you know that I love thirifting. Being a broke college student that still wants to dress well, I really feel like thrifting is one of the best options available for well priced items when you’re out of sale seasons. I recently partnered up with Crossroads Trading Co. to make a look that centers around pieces you can find at their stores.Β Since I started blogging in July, Crossroads has been a massive wallet saver for me, many of their items are more than half the price of pieces I would find at the original retailers. I can never leave the stores without finding an item that I really want! While the men’s section pales in size to the women’s section, I’ve been able to find amazing deals on second-hand clothes from brands such as HUF, Obey, Zara, and even Coach.

Up until I started blogging, I didn’t realize that higher end thrift stores existed. I used to go into a Goodwill every now and then to see if there was anything good and sometimes I might be able to snag one maybe two items if I got really lucky. Shopping at Crossroads, however, takes a lot of the searching hassle out of the equation. The buyers at every location are incredibly selective of the items they take in, so you know that the pieces are high quality.

The outfit I styled revolves around this HUF baseball jersey I snagged on my shopping trip. I saw this jersey and short sleeve button up combination in a brand lookbook a few months back and vowed that I would try this out and I love the results! The jersey is made of a mesh material so the white shirt underneath peeks through here and there. I paired it with this gold studded cap and triangular necklace that I also picked up from Crossroads. It gives me some extra edge that I look for when styling streetwear outfits.

Like the previous thrifting challenge, almost all of these pieces have been either second hand or thrifted. The only pieces that I actually bought from the original retailer was the white button up from American Apparel and bracelet, which is from H&M. I really enjoy creating these thrifted outfits for you guys and working with Crossroads to create this post has been a blast. If you’re in the LA area, there are a good handful of locations. I’ll link the website for you so you can find the one closest to you!

Hat: Crossroads Trading Co. ($22) (original brand not known)

Jersey: HUF ($13) (Crossroads)

Shirt: American Apparel

Pants: Armani (Second hand)

Shoes: Crossroads Trading Co. ($18) (original brand not known)

Necklace: Crossroads Trading Co. ($9) (original brand not known)

Bracelet: H&M

Photography: Cameron Yong