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Fall quarter is right around the quarter and I’m excited to try out some new looks before I graduated this year (foreal this time!!) Surprisingly, most of this outfit was thrifted from Buffalo Exchange and Crossroads Trading Co. I always start off my seasons by taking a look at what I can get at thrift stores before moving onto retail, usually by the end of my trips, I don’t really need to buy much at full price. This Huf soccer jersey was found at the Pasadena store (I tend to find most of my streetwear brands at this location) and the shades and elephant rings were bought at the Fullerton location of Buffalo Exchange. I can never get over how much I love shopping at thrift stores. While the perpetuating stereotype of thrift stores are dirty and grossly outdated clothes, I’ve found some of my FAVORITE pieces browsing through stores like Buffalo and Crossroads. You guys should check them out sometime!

H&M also released a collection of edgy streetwear pieces that I absolutely love. There were lots of black and white pieces, grunge, and long line silhouettes that allow you to play with a wide variety of different looks. While the collection isΒ slightlyΒ more expensive than your usual H&M pieces, the quality and unique designs are worth the extra couple of bucks. I’ve been seeing a lot of these looks come out of lookbooks from bloggers like MXDVS (instagram) and I’ve been trying (slightly unsuccessfully) to incorporate them into my personal style.


Shirt: HUF (Crossroads Trading Co)

Shirt: HM

Pants: Express

Shoes: Adidas Superstars

Shades: Buffalo Exchange

Necklace: Crossroads Trading Co.

Bracelets: H&M

Elephant Ring: Buffalo Exchange

Watch: Aldo

Photography: Justin Chan (Instagram)

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