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I recently got the opportunity to attend the Orange County Fashion Week’s presentation at the ARTIC Station in Anaheim through my friend Kimberly Luu of According to Kimberly. It was such a beautiful venue and the presentations that we got to watch were stunning. It’s my first time ever attending a fashion week event and I was so excited. OCFW has only been live for a few years from what I’ve been told but the scale and production level of the event blew me away. I really hope to attend the next season in the spring and see what they cook up next!

My date and I got the chance to get interviewed and go backstage to see the magic happen between shows and take a look at the different designers that showed their latest collections. The styles were eclectic and ranged from beautifully designed swimwear, to ripped up couture, to grungy vibes. We also go the chance to see makeup artists and hair stylists work on the models as well and even got to talk to some of the event coordinators and learn just how much time and effort it takes to put on this show. My only criticism for the event was the acoustics of the venue. It was very difficult to hear who was being presented and what the hosts were saying because of the large hall the the event was in. Overall, we had an incredible time. We even got a surprise fireworks show from the Honda Center just after the show ended. It was truly a magical evening.


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