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I’m a HUGE fan of SNSD (Girl’s Generation) and for the past 2 years, I’ve gone out in a male version of them drawing inspiration from their video for “Genie”. Kpop has been a pretty big part of my music tastes since high school and SNSD was one of the first groups that I listened to. To this day, Genie never fails to put a smile on my face when I listen to it. However, no one ever gets the reference so I just tell people I’m a sailor.

The costume itselfΒ was just a simple Amazon purchase that I got altered to suit my tastes. I had my aunt who’s a seamstress to alter the collar so I get a double breast instead of a mandarin collar and I got some alterations for it to fit me better. I probably need to get it re-altered again since I’ve lost more weight since last year.

Here’s a little reference photo if you want to take a look at some old school SNSD!

Happy Halloween Everyone!



Hat and Shirt: Amazon

Pants: Express

Watch: Aldo

Photography By: Jaspery Goh (Instagram)

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