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IMG_3203This past month has been a whirlwind of events for me. While a lot of it consisted of me concluding the UCR chapter of my life, some of it also saw the beginning of my postgrad life in Los Angeles. After completing my finals, I didn’t have much time to reflect since I started my internship at Black Orchid Denim that following Monday.

How did I get this internship? Through Twitter, actually. I’ve been following @fashionistajob for a few months already and decided to start applying to some of the jobs listed in LA. Black Orchid Denim was the first post that I felt I qualified for and I quickly updated my resume (while missing class) and emailed it to the contact. I also called her to follow up and make sure my application went through to the company. We had a great talk over the phone and I learned about the position and requirements from me. For the next few weeks we tried to schedule an in person interview but our schedules kept conflicting (mines with midterms and finals, hers with photoshoots). We eventually settled on a date after my last final and I went in to interview.


While a strong resume will always look great to a future employer, a touch of enthusiasm, passion, and hunger for learning is what sets great applicants apartΒ from the mediocre, my boss tells me. From the 150-200 applications she received, she told me that I was one of the few that bothered to call her and attempt to genuinely learn about the position. Out of the few she interviewed, my standout quality, and the reason why I was hired on the spot, was that I was so driven to learn.


My biggest advice to all those applying for jobs and internships would be to take that extra step out your application process to really get to know the person that wants to hire you. Show them you really want it, and be genuine in your interactions with them.

Got and tips and advice for the application process? Feel free to leave them in the comments section below!