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Last weekend, my boss graciously asked me to assist her at our lookbook photoshoot for the company. I wasn’t sure what to expect but she told me that I need to come mentally prepared because it’ll most likely be chaotic. Like most companies, we have 3 shoots a season: linesheet (that we send to distributors/showrooms/bloggers), lookbook, and campaign. Most people only see campaign photos and perhaps a lookbook photo here and there. Before I started interning for fashion companies, I only knew about campaign shoots.

Naturally, I was nervous to death. The last professional photoshoot I assisted at was for A&C almost a year and a half ago and the whole day was INSANE. I wasn’t sure what to expect to be quite honest with you. In the week before the shoot was to take place, my boss pulled a ton of clothes from different luxury brands to style alongside the denim we needed to shoot. As soon as the boxes came in, my main job was to unbox all of the products, document that we’ve received everything we ordered, organize all of the poly bags they came in so we can return them properly, and hang/steam all of the shirts. For the shoes that came in, (we had boxes and boxes of Saint Laurent shoes, it was quite incredible) I had to put masking tape on the soles so they don’t get them scuffed in the shoot.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 presetThe preparation needed to be incredibly thorough partly because we had so many clothes to process, but also because organization is key to running a smooth photoshoot. The Friday before the shoot, my boss went to a fashion library to pull some last minute accessories for the shoot. I was told to try not to use fashion libraries because I’d have to rent clothes and pay a fee versus pulling from brands that we can return products to afterwards and not have to pay out of pocket. It’s a very common practice of stylists to do this for shoots and something I should probably look into for the blog! Before we left for the weekend, we bagged up all of the clothes we were going to use into huge bundles that hung on racks so we can keep them clean when we transport them to the studio.

To Be Continued on Wednesday ;]

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