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The morning of the shoot, we loaded up almost 40 outfits into the cars and an extra rack as well as all of the accessories, shoes, and shoot materials. The studio wasn’t too far away from the office, so the drive there only took about 10 minutes. A part of me was surprised about the location, however. It was near the eastern edge of downtown LA in one of the more dangerous areas. There were a lot of homeless people milling around, the streets were really dirty and everything seemed to be a little run down. However, I came to realize that studio spaces can be extremely expensive in downtown LA so it makes sense to have one in the cheapest locations. These places don’t need to be fancy.

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We set up the changing area with the clothes and got right down to hair and makeup. I was rushing to finish masking the shoes. My boss told me that we would have to do it the day of the shoot because the adhesive could damage the soles of the shoes if we did it too far in advance. As soon as the model was ready, the madness began. We had roughly 8 hours to fit all 40 looks as well as an hour for lunch which means we really only had about 10 minutes to get the clothes on the model, shoot, then change. That’s not a lot of time so we’re constantly scrambling to stay on track.


My main job during the shoot was to hang up the clothes as soon as the model changed out of them so we could keep track of all the pieces. Tags had to be properly placed on the jeans and shirts and jackets had to be placed carefully on hangers so nothing gets ripped or misplaced. While shooting, I had to help the model into the shoes (a lot of them were either really lacy or complicated to put on) as well as smooth out any wrinkles on shirts and all that the jeans were perfectly smooth with no odd pleats or bunching.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

This went on for a good couple of hours until we broke for lunch. It felt like everyone was able to take a deep, collected breath before we got back into the madness again. By 6pm, we had completed the shoot and all ready to pack up and go home.