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I posted a similar outfit a long time ago when I collaborated with Crossroads Trading factory but this look still serves me well to this day. It’s an unexpected twist on the jersey look that’s been a staple in the streetwear scene for years.


I chose this look when my photographer, Makito and I took our friend Justin around Downtown LA to explore and test out compositions in the area. I had the day off from work so it was the perfect day to kill a ton of birds with one stone.


Nelson-3508We started our morning out by hitting up the different showroom buildings in Downtown LA. We scoured the Cooper Building, the Lady Liberty, and a few other buildings to search for a menswear showroom that I can start working with. Needless to say, it was really, really tough. We were only able to find a small handful of showrooms that focused on menswear. The ones we did find, were extremely welcoming and friendly. I met a few people, exchanged contact info, and connected!

One of the great things about being a blogger is being able to pull clothes from showrooms and PR firms to wear on the blog. But I think the very BEST part is being able to discover new brands that I’ve never heard of. It’s like going to the library and finding a new book and getting hooked instantly.


We then walked around the area to check out the different stores and buildings that downtown LA has to offer. We found some amazing boutiques and even the A.P.C store (I didn’t even know they had a location so close to me). My friends also wanted to practice shooting with a live subject and we got some amazing shots of each other throughout the day. We tried different locations, lighting situations, and compositions.


At the end of the day, we ended up at the Grand Central Market. After all that walking, we were famished. Luckily the stores were still open although it seemed like some were starting to wind down their day. I took them to my go to pupusa stand and got us some amazing food (don’t worry I’ll do a food feature of this place soon!)

Although it seems like I’ve only been in LA for a short amount of time, nothing seems to remain too constant in my life. Another big change is gonna be happening in the next few weeks which I’ll slowly be sharing as it unfolds. But in the meantime, stay tuned and keep up with me on Instagram! I’ll see you all on Thursday :]


Shirt: HUF

Button Up: H&M

Necklace: H&M

Bag: Coach

Pants: Express

Glasses: Warby Parker

Photography: Makito Umekita (Instagram) and Justin Chan (Instagram)

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