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New York Fashion week is upon us and the collections from the FW16 Collections this year did not disappoint. Who says you have enjoy NYFW from the comfort of your own home?I’ve been scouring as many shows as I could this weekend from the Vogue.com database and have amassed a pretty large collection on my Pinterest board which you can view )(here).

So far, I have a few standout collections that I’ll be commenting on throughout the course of this week and next week, most of whom I have never heard of before. The great thing about the Vogue database is that it’s accessible to all so you don’t have to pay a subscription fee to view the incredible collections that show each season. Each collection also comes with a review and may include details and front row photos.

With that said, my favorite collection so far is a close tie between Rachel Zoe (above) and Elie Tahari (below). Rachel Zoe’s FW16 collection is a contrastΒ of sheer and textured, masculine and feminine, and the natural and manmade. There was a sprinkling of menswear inspired pieces scattered throughout the collection that complimented the feminine pieces they accompanied. One of the biggest trends of the season has been a resurgence of menswear in women and the redefinition of what a pant suit is. However, many of the designers I’ve seen so far have only done their take on the suit. Rachel Zoe’s collection plays with masculinity through the casual addition of remix of traditionally masculine pieces with strikingly feminine looks much like the two right hand looks in the images above.

In terms of favorite looks, the first image with the turtle neck and skirt is my top pick of almost all of the looks from Fashion Week so far. It is subtle, feminine, and the monochrome effect is played beautifully. In the frivolity that is Fashion Week, this understated look stands out beautifully in the same way a bouquet of daisies would amongst a sea of tropical flowers.


Elie Tahari ties for first place with Rachel Zoe. In the same way I love Rachel Zoe’s bright palette, Elie Tehari’s collection stands out with his deep dark palette. It is equal parts dark and romantic. Black fabric is interwoven with lace, structured looks are given aΒ flowing silhouette. Thematically, this collection reminds me of the music video for Miss A’s “Touch” (watch here). While the look can definitely appeal to a more mature audience, the tailoring for pieces such as the jacket in the upper left look would be perfect for a younger audience. Overall, the collection is relatively conservative by most standards, but still a gem none the less.


Jonathan Simkhai was another standout collection. There was a return to peplum tops as seen in the look on the right. Many of his pieces this season are incredibly structured and tailored compared to the looser silhouettes seen from other designers. One of my favorite details from the collection are the use of seams as an integral part of the patterns like the look on the left. The looks are futuristic, yes, but not so much that only sci fi characters could be seen wearing the designs on a normal day.



While I didn’t find most of Sally LaPointe and Suno’s collections to my taste, these four looks really stood out to me in terms of structure, patterning, and cut. In Sally LaPointe’s two looks, I loved the contrast between the sleeveless knit sweater and the flowing wide trousers (at least what I think it is a trouser, given the split in the middle, it could also just be a really big seam for all I know) and the extra thick sleeves of the second look. Suno’s left look stood out to me for the the beautiful pattern and cut, and the right look for the interesting take on a collarless blouse.

Somehow, I’ll manage to blog everyday this week with coverage of my favorite shows so there’ll be a ton more content for you all to see! Happy Monday, Cytherians~

Rachel Zoe

Elie Tahari

Jonathan Simkhai

Sally LaPointe


All photos are courtesy ofΒ Vogue

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