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Day 3 of OCFW was an interesting night to attend. Perhaps it didn’t leave the best impression of the show in my mind especially after attending the first night of shows. Although the designs were interesting; the event itself was a bit disappointing.

My photographer and I arrived at The Resort at Pelican Hill at around 6PM and luckily caught the sunset to snap a few beautiful shots of my outfit. The resort was incredibly stunning and the grounds were seeped in luxury. We were awestruck at the beauty of the resort grounds but didn’t have much time to explore since we had to rush to get our seats.

After about a 30 minute delay, the first shows began. Charmaine Joie debuted as the first couture collection of the evening, followed by Dawn Sunflower Couture (wedding gowns), then B.SpokeStyle. The first shows were fun and interesting, I thought that Dawn Sunflower took an interesting spin on wedding gowns since a couple of her gowns easily slipped off into wedding night lingerie. Although it’s not in my taste, I liked how the pieces had a Hustler-attempts-to-meet-Vera-Wang aesthetic.

Charmaine Joie

Dawn Sunshine Couture

During the B.SpokeStyle show, the models took their walk in a very carefree manner. It turns out that the designer had chosen his CEO friends to model the collection. Amongst booming cheer, the men strutted down the runway, taking time to acknowledge their friends sitting in the audience, hugging their daughters, and kissing their significant others.

After intermission, it became clear that a majority of the audience were there to support the B.SpokeStyle collection as the room had all but emptied. The evening’s ushers quietly reseated everyone along the central runway leaving the other 2 aisles virtually empty. As the evening’s two shows began, the event took on a much more intimate vibe. My favorite collection of the evening was MW by Mimoza Windisch. It featured a unique handcroched collection of dresses and body suits that were made by the designer. The colors were so vibrant and the designs were so sleek and chic that you’d forget that it was all crocheted. Crowning off the collection was a gorgeous crocheted wedding gown.

Victoria by Elizabeth

MW by Mimoza Windisch


Haori and Fan: Kimono no Kobeya

Shirt: American Apparel

Pants: Express

Shoes: Aldo

Watch: Aldo

Bracelets and Rings: Crossroads Trading Co.

Bag: Crossroads Trading Co. (Cuero Mor)

Photography: Caitlin Yee (MYO Media)

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