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Whew! I thought I had it all together when I confirmed my tickets for LA Fashion Week but boy was I wrong! As a blogger, being able to attend fashion week is always a stressful and exciting time during any season partly because you’ve got a million things going on around in your head and partly because “HEY I’M AT FASHION WEEK!”.

If you guys follow me on social media, you’ll know that I’ve been counting down the days until fashion week is upon me even more enthusiastically than my own birthday (because at this point birthdays aren’t as exciting as they used to be, let’s just be honest). And when the day finally came to attend the event, I was ecstatic at what was in store for me.

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To say the very least, LAFW is one of the biggest fashion events I’ve ever attended in my career so far, and while it’s still small in comparison to NYFW and Paris FW, I was still a little star struck. As we checked in and started walking down the red carpet, my photographer and I had to take a second and collect ourselves before getting our photographs taken.


After passing the red carpet, Joyee and I stepped into the main building where the shows were going to be presented at. We were instantly greeted by staff that showed us around the venue and introduced us to some of the sponsors of the event. We even got our hair and some makeup done by the professionals at L’oreal and Cinema Secrets. We both agreed that we might as well savor our new hair styles since we’ll never be able to recreate these looks so well on our own.

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We even got to show off our new looks at the selfie station hosted by Cinema Secrets! That ring light set up did wonders to my face.

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While we waited in line, Joyee took some practice shots of my outfit since she was loaned a pretty sick camera from one of her professors. My new envelope bag from Bedford 11th helped carry all of my essentials of the night.

The first collection of the evening was Dena Burton. Out of all of the designers of the evening, her’s was my favorite. A series of arctic white looks punctuated by hints of fur evoked images of a modern day ice queen. I loved her collection for its modern and chic take on winter essentials. Not to mention the models were absolutely gorgeous and owned each of their looks so fiercely.

Contrasting Dena’s minimal palette was the psychedelic and colorful paintbrush of George Styler. Each of the looks were bold mixes of color, texture, and form that played together almost like a kaleidoscope of fashion. His show was definitely a SHOW to remember. One of the models’ shoes came off during her walk but she managed to strut down the runway and continue her walk to the thundering applause of the audience.

Contrasting Dena Burton’s white collection and George Styler’s colorful one is Marcelo Quadro‘s dark and romantic collection. I loved his use of lace and black fabric to create a moody and seductive line of evening gowns.

Overall, my first evening at LAFW was extremely memorable, not only because of the excitement of being at my first large production fashion show, but also because I met a ton of really great people at the event itself. I loved talking to the photographers in between shows to see their photos and also to get tips on photography that I could use in my own work.

Stay tuned for the rest of this week as I post about days 2 and 3 of LAFW.


Suit: Express

Shirt: Zara

Fan: Kimono no Kobeya

Shoes: Aldo

Bag: Bedford 11th

Photography: Joyee Luau

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