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Day 2 of LAFW was quite the experience. While Day 1 featured a lot of confusion due to my inexperience, I was fully able to enjoy Day 2 due to being on top of my game and knowing how to navigate the event. The day’s shows were even more diverse than the day before, starting with a children’s designer from Australia: Rose Cottage

Rose Cottage

The fabrics and styles made me think of mid century British children’s fashion thats updated to fit today’s aesthetic. Its not to say that it’s outdated, the cuts were a breath of fresh air to a very vintage and nostalgic style. It made me think of the timelessness of Winnie the Pooh. The fabrics ranged in thickness and volume and were super sweet and innocent without the stuffiness of some kid’s fashion. The collection, while looking quite beautiful, is also very durable. I can imagine kids being able to run around and playing in the outfits without the parents having to worry about them ruining the pieces. The tricky thing about kid’s fashion is also considering that it’s also for KIDS and they’re meant to be played in.


After a brief intermission, the Cosmogyral show began with a beautiful campaign video featuring models wearing the beautiful gowns out in the desert. My favorite part of the collection was how diverse the models and designs were. There were models of all sizes, shapes, and ethnicities. The designer made every effort to be inclusive, that all women should be able to wear her gorgeous flowered creations. I was obsessed with the beautiful flower crowns that the models wore on the runway. It was a beautiful collection of note.

Toit Volant

What setΒ Toit Volant apart from the other collections, besides it’s avant garde designs, is the showcase itself. Instead of a traditional runway, the collection debuted presentation style with the models making their way to pedestals on the runway and the audience was invited to make their way onto the runway to snap photos of the models. For a lot of bloggers, this made snapping details so much easier than trying to frantically blast photos during a runway show!

Michael Sta. Maria

Arguably my FAVORITE show of the entire week, Michael Sta. Maria is a designer from the Philippines and debuted his gorgeous collection at LAFW. The collection had major Dolce and Gabanna influence from the black and gold palette, the crowns, and the punk rock vibes. I’d imagine a grown up Jenny Humphrey wearing his entire collection if Gossip Girl were still running. The crown jewel of the collection was this amazing wedding gown replete with a towering crown. The model gracefully made her way down the runway and I had an out of body experience when I saw the gown up close. She was so beautiful and the dress was a vision. My friends and I commented that it was so reminiscent of a glammed up version of Belle’s ball gown from beauty and the beast. After her walk, she stopped in the middle of the runway and dramatically turned around as the models made their final walks around her and the runway. It was truly a sight to behold. Bravo Michael, way to make an entrance into Los Angeles. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas.

Photography: Joyee Luau (Instagram)