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If you guys haven’t seen already, I am obsessed with the haori I got from Kimono no Kobeya in Pasadena. It feels so luxurious and comfortable because of the silk. In most of my instagram posts featuring the haori, I wore it the normal way, with the black silk on the outside over my clothing.

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For day 2 of LAFW, I decided to go incredibly dramatic and flip it inside out to show off the beautiful brocade on the inside. When I was introduced to this piece in the kimono shop, I KNEW I had to get it the second I laid eyes on the lining. I love that the intricate design is inside the haori and my little secret when I wear it out and about unless I decide to reveal it to people.

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Along with my slim suit from Express, I also carried my Bedford 11th bag to keep all of my essentials without overcrowding my pockets. Its so sleek and minimal and is a great understated accessory to pair with the bold design of the haori.

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Ok, I will admit that LAFW gets REALLY hot, and not just because of the beautiful models. In such a crowded environment, and underneath a suit, I knew I was going to swelter and this fan that I also picked up from Kimono no Kobeya was a Godsend. While fans tend to have a feminine connotation, the black and white dragon and tiger fighting painting makes it more masculine and blends in well with a lot of the monochromatic outfits I find myself wearing.

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Suit: Express

Shirt: Forever 21

Shoes: Aldo

Rings: Crossroads Trading Co.

Bag: Bedford 11th

Haori and Fan: Kimono no Kobeya

Photography: Joyee Luau (Instagram)

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