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June has flown by much faster than I had anticipated. My graduation, birthday, and work pretty much filled up all of my time so there really wasn’t much time to sit down and breathe. But over the past few months, I’ve compiled a small list of some of my favorite items that I find myself reaching for all of the time.IMG_3767

Zara No. 8

There is just something so incredibly refreshing, musky, and sexy about this scent that I just cant place my finger on. I tend to gravitate towards this kind of scent when I shop for colognes and almost all of my past colognes have very fresh undertones to them. I first bought the travel sized spray to spritz on when I need a scent pick me up at work but I went through that bottle so quickly I realized I should probably get the full sized bottle. It’s relatively inexpensive at $20 and even though I use it about twice a day for a few weeks, I’ve only made a small dent in the bottle. I should probably say that it is a toilette and not a parfum so the scent wears off pretty quickly.


Jord Wood Watch

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My birthday followed the tail end of the month and my friends at Jord Wood Watches sent me this beautiful wrist watch in the mail as a little present! I’m seriously so obsessed my new timepiece. I’ll be honest with you, I tend to get pretty warm throughout the day and most metal/leather watches always leave me feeling icky, especially in the summer. The watch I got is made out of wood which is not only stays nice and cool throughout the day, but its also incredibly light. They also make a really sick line of women’s watches that make for a really unique gift for pretty much any lucky lady in your life (or maybe for yourself too haha).


1Q84  by Haruki Murakami

I’ve been reading this book on and off for a few months already and I always seem to stop because life gets in the way of my nightly routine. I’m almost done with the first book in the series and while it is one of the slowest books to jump into the action, I really don’t mind the pace. The story follows two people: Tengo and Aomame and the actions they take that propel them into deeper and deeper waters like a chain of dominoes. What I like best about this book is how Murakami paints such vivid descriptions and builds up every character’s backstories like an oil painter before inching the plot to it’s next step.

I read this book like a series because each chapter takes almost exactly 30 minutes to read. I tend to wind down my day by reading a chapter every night and allow myself to marinate on the descriptions the next day.


Rub Rub Rub from Lush

I normally don’t have many favorites when it comes to bath products since I just use whatever my family happens to buy it’s worked out pretty well for me until my friends and I happened to stop by the Lush store in Pasadena and I was given a demonstration of this product. My. Life. Was. Changed.

This product is so versatile, makes my shower smell AMAZING, and does wonders for my skin. Once a week, I hop into the shower and take a couple of palmfuls of this stuff and do a deep exfoliation all over my body then wash it all off. The sea salt in the formula scrubs all of the dead skin cells, dirt, and oil off of my skin. My God, I never knew my skin could feel SO DAMN SOFT. After fully massaging in my lotion, I’m ready to hop into bed and enjoy the best sleep of my life. I have, however switched over to applying a less generous amount of the product onto a dry loofah instead of using a ton of product straight out of the pot. Same effects, less product wasted.

For the rest of the week, I use use a quarter sized dollop in my loofah and apply it while the water is turned on. While I don’t get the bomb exfoliation that I get from applying it on dry skin, I get a nice lather and I’m still left smelling great. I believe this pot costed $23.I’ve had it for about a month and I still have about 1/3 left even after using it pretty generously.


London Royal Sunglesses


I was sent this gorgeous pair of sunglasses from London Royal in the beginning of the month and I’ve been wearing them out a lot recently. The material feels nice and weighty without being heavy (if I’m making any sense at all). But besides how it feels on my face, it actually fits my face REALLY WELL. I have a rather large and wide face and it’s often difficult to find frames that naturally go well with my face shape. The lenses themselves also have a nice gradient effect to them that’s really on trend right now. It filters out the sunlight just enough without actually hindering my vision.

This pair retails for $15 but if you use my code “CYTHERIAL” at checkout, you can get 10% off your entire order.

Stf IMG_3758

Staedtler Fineliner

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If you guys follow my Instagram page, you’ll know these babies are the backbone of my bullet journal. They are incredibly ergonomic, the colors lay down very nice and pigmented and the tips are nice and thin so I can draw a lot of details if I choose to. They also don’t dry out easily! I’ve accidentally left a pen out overnight and it worked just fine the next day. The colors lay down very smoothly and I’ve never had any issues with bleed. Also, the packaging is wonderful, the top of the cover opens in a way that turns the case into a stand that you can prop up on your table when you’re working.

They are on the pricy end and are definitely an investment piece but if you’re as dedicated to bullet journaling and coloring as I am, this set is worth EVERY PENNY.

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