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I cannot believe that September is right around the corner and this will be the first year that I won’t be excited to start school again. From the joy of seeing my friends after a long summer away from them, to the excitement of starting new classes, and the exhilarating thrill of back to school shopping for new clothes, September was by far, my favorite month out of the year. Luckily, my friends at Ontario Mills helped me get over my little nostalgic slump by sending me on a back to school shopping spree.

My goal? Create a throwback look that’s perfect for the back to school season. With the spending limit I had, I was able to create not one, but TWO looks for the challenge (I honestly could have done 3, but these Lucky Brand jeans were WAY too good to pass up).

My first look was inspired by my high school days, I honestly wasn’t too into fashion back then, and cared more about comfort and flexibility versus style. I paired my new Lucky Brand jeans with this tee shirt and shirt combo from GAP. I topped it off with a slouchy beanie and a reflective pair of aviators. The 90s are back in style and while I love the trend, I prefer to incorporate different elements of the era instead of going full Saved by the Bell (maybe I’ll do a 90s thrifting challenge in the future?)

Back in high school, I remember waking up at 5:45 sharp to get ready for my early morning classes, and while SoCal doesn’t get all that cold, mornings could still feel a little nippy. A beanie like this paired with the light shirt on top were a necessity. While denim jackets are back in style; I always tend to feel way too hot in them so when I spotted this shirt, I immediately knew I had to jump on it. The light wash and stitching of the shirt gives it the look and feel of a denim jacket, but without the weight.

Underneath the shirt, I wore a washed out teeshirt with a Woodstock design on it. The super soft cotton material felt like an absolute steal when I snagged it for $6.

This challenge brought back some really bomb memories of back to school shopping with my family when I was in high school. Every year, my aunt and uncle would take me to an outlet and give me $100 to spend on clothes for the school year. While that probably doesn’t sound like much to most people; to me, it felt like I could completely change my identity and start the school year fresh and invigorated.

Stay tuned to tomorrow’s post! I’ll be talking about my college “throwback” outfit.


Beanie: H&M

Aviators: GAP

Shirt: GAP

T-Shirt: GAP

Jeans: Lucky Brand

Backpack (borrowed for the look): Herschel Supply Company

Shoes (brought from home): Adidas

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