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As promised, here’s part 2 of my Back to School collaboration with Ontario Mills. While high school was a time when I cared more about function more-so than form, college was a time when I valued efficiency over everything else. My favorite outfits when I was at UCR were the ones that looked like I was trying really hard to put together a good outfit when in fact I just threw on some random pieces together in a rush. How does one achieve this? By shopping smart. Being tight on cash in college, I always looked out for clothes that made putting together a nice look easy and simple. I always gravitated towards bold patters because I knew I could easily pair it with a good pair a black pants. This shirt from H&M is so comfortable and deceptively looks a lot more expensive than it really is.


I started drinking a lot more water in college and you could always find me walking around campus with a bottle of water in hand. H&M carries this line in their stores and has world records printed on the bottle; perfect for me to keep being motivated.

As much as I raved about these jeans in yesterday’s blog post, I HAVE to talk about them again today. Lucky Brand jeans are my absolute GO TO pair of denim nowadays. I feel like I’ve been spoiled rotten by them. I got my first pair last year and they still haven’t worn out even after all the wear and tear I put them through. The denim Lucky Brand uses is not only durable, but also super comfortable and just stretchy enough to make moving around in them manageable even if you get their super skinny line. The first time I put a pair on, I thought I wasn’t wearing pants at all because the material is so light and comfortable.

I also need to mention that I finally found my PERFECT fit after years of searching. Even though my old pair were from the 1 Authentic Skinny line, the store associate recommended the athletic fit for me after learning about my specific needs for a pair of jeans. The athletic fit has a regular fit waist and a slim leg but is a bit looser in the thigh than other slim leg denim. The problem I’ve had for the longest time was being able to find a slim/skinny pair of jeans that was just a bit looser around the thigh area but still slim at the calves and this fit is PERFECT for my body type.

College, for me, was a time when I started exploring my sense of style and becoming more and more comfortable wearing clothes that I thought would have been too flamboyant or “stylish” back in high school. I’m really glad that college allowed me to explore and experiment in areas I wasn’t confident enough to try in high school.


Hat: H&M

Aviators: GAP

Shirt: H&M

Jeans: Lucky Brand

Shoes: Adidas

Backpack (Borrowed for Look): Herschel Supply Co.

Water Bottle: H&M

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