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While summer is just about done, fall in Los Angeles has yet to make it’s appearance. Although it’s mid October, the weather still feels balmy and warm on most days which is why I felt it was still appropriate to extend my summer looks for just a little bit longer.

I was contacted by Jents to try out their line of sock-less shoes, although this has been a trend in Europe for YEARS, I can never bring myself to try out the trend, mainly because sweaty feet is my worst nightmare.


Jent’s simple, yet genius breathable, removable sole. I tried out the pair they sent me and instantly fell in love with not only the quality of the shoe’s design, but how airy and breathable my feet felt even though I wasn’t wearing any socks.

The removable sole allows you to attach a fabric wrap around the sole that gives you the look of going sock-less while providing the comfort of wearing socks. This feeling is different than wearing no show socks because you don’t risk the sock coming loose or slipping off your heel while you’re walking around.

One of the reasons why I love this brand so much is the back story of its founder. Several years since losing his brother to an accident, he was inspired to design shoes that complimented the tuxedo he received as a gift from his late brother; thus crafting beauty out of tragedy.

All around, I love how these shoes bring a really nice pop of color into my summer and pre-fall wardrobe and I’m so sad to have to put them away for the fall season. In the mean time, I might just pick up another pair with a more muted pattern to wear with my fall outfits!


Blazer: Express

Tank: H&M

Jeans: Lucky Brand

Shoes: Jents (Shop Here)

Watch: Aldo

Photography: Mary Ann Su

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