What Is Cytherial?

Cytherial is a play on the words Cythera and Ethereal/Ephemeral.

Cythera, the abode of Aphrodite in Greek mythology is a place of love, youth, and beauty; all of the things I feel that fashion embodies. As an art history major, Embarkation to Cythera has always been one of my favorite paintings from the Rococo period (along with The Swing). It shows a group of well dressed friends and lovers preparing to board a ship that will take them to the magical land of love and beauty. Much like the floating world of Japanese Ukiyo-e prints, it is the glittering world that I feel fashion tries to capture and bring into reality.

While fashion can be a timeless product of society, the nature of fashion itself is as ephemeral as sea foam. Why else do we have seasons to rely on like clockwork? While a suit can be considered a classic piece of every man’s wardrobe, styles change, hems are lowered and brought up every year, and trends can die faster than a musician’s career. Cytherial is a memento mori, a reminder that things change over the course of time. People would like to take it as me saying that fashion is superfluous and superficial, but I see it as an ever changing medium, a form of art that constantly evolves with the society it lives in. Those who are interested in fashion must always keep themselves close on the heartbeat of trends and be observant of how it changes. I think that’s what makes fashion so exciting. It rarely ever gets stale.


4 thoughts on “What Is Cytherial?”

  1. The classics major in me is giving you mad props!


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